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This is only a recommendation of some common templates but everything is changeable so if you have your own unique template feel free to add it here.

If your template is similar to one suggested just use a "/" for the optional skill:

  • the asterisk after a skill shows suggested starting skills
  • all stats suggested are in the following format str/int/dex


There's nothing like sneaking up on your enemy, however this template is not effective at PvP, it's more for taking advantage of certain situations and getting an opportunity kill.

Stealth Mage


Stealth Warrior



A warrior despite what a lot of players say is a tricky class to play, and when used properly can be effective. Magery is something I would suggest you add to your warrior template for those emergency situations, for a band-aid takes 15 seconds to apply and 18 if you are poisoned, also when you are poisoned it means the band-aid will only cure. Thus even if you have 25 intellect; that will allow you to cast two greater heals or a number of mini-heals that will get you through that mage dump long enough so that the band-aid will take effect.

Pure Warrior

100/25-40/85-100 if you have magery with this temp start that at 50 and have healing as 1. Some players prefer having magery and parrying together instead of parrying and archery.

Med Warrior



While a weapon can be poisoned by any character, there is nothing like being able to poison your weapon in the field. This class would easily be able to chug through most players cure potion supply if they have any, and still have a couple of poison bottles left over. 100/25-40/85-100


Tracking will tell you in which direction to find your victim even if hidden, and detecting hidden is optional, where I suppose a good old exp pot could flush your victim out of hiding. 100/25-40/85-100

Hally Mage


Thieves generally operate inside of towns, and thus have little use for resisting spells, because towns are protected from magery damage. however resist may be useful for a change to resist the odd poison and paralyze.

Fighter Thief

Maces are the preferred weapon for the fighter thief, because quarterstaffs are cheap and there is the added benefit of stamina drain. However, a poisoned weapon may be more effective. 100/25/100

Pure Thief


Mage Thief

An extremely underused template, the pure mage thief sacrifices the element of surprise for increased survivability in almost any situation. This is not a viable town thief template, however, due to its lack of a weapon skill.


Other Thief Templates

This thief can run around with a dagger equip all the time, thus receiving the 50% hit chance, plus a poisoned dagger never goes astray on some occasions.


This thief can detect unsuspecting victims who leave their character idle and hidden at banks.


This thief is a dungeon/town lockpicker who can also steal from player in opportune situations while in dungeons. Magery can also be left at 70.1 so recall fizzle is almost impossible, this allows 29.9 Tracking which can be handy.




Since there are over seven crafting skills, templates vary, a resource gathering template may look like this


Casting Crafter

Main Crafter


This build is a strong crafter template, you can make everything bar scrolls & potions which the 2nd crafter outlined below will handle.

Secondary Crafter


This compliments the 2nd main crafter template posted above. Combined these 2 templates can make and gather every item or resource possible except fish.



Your secondary Crafter is a "dump" spot for all the extra less important crafting or lore skills.

the rest of the template can consist of other skills you may use more often for example if you do alot of scribe orders add

or if you craft alot of house add-ons armour or weapons

Crafting Templates will vary from player to player depending on the specific nature of the crafter, though these should provide strong starting grounds for anyone who wish's to sell their wares.


Use a musical instrument to entice NPCs to attack each other, or you can make an NPC attack a player.

Treasure Hunter


Warrior Bard


Mage Bard



Pure Tamer


Warrior Tamer

This is kind of a gimped template and one that was created with the intention of only controlling pets up to imps. Since these pets die fairly easily there is no reason to have Veterinary or for many of the skills to be at GM. Note the lowered resist isn't too much of an issue if your enemy even has just wolves biting at their heels.

Provoke Tamer

If played correctly this can be a very powerful Player vs. Monster template. I would suggest first training Music, Provoke, and optionally training Hiding. Hiding is extremely useful if you need to earn gold to train up Magery and Resist.


Roleplaying/novelty templates


The beauty of the beggar template is the interchangeability of the skills involved. Many players may wish to make a beggar into something of an 'outdoorsman' and include skills appropriate to woodsmanship and outdoor survival. Others may wish to play a pure town beggar. A combat skill enables the beggar to be more than merely a novelty character and also provides a way to raise karma, which increases the likelihood of a successful begging attempt (not to mention fame and the ability to display the profession title). The following template outlines the basic potential for this character -