Mace Fighting

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A melee combat Weapon Skill that wields blunt bashing weapons.

  • Pros: Maces do an extra damage of 3 to 5 points to the victims stamina if a hit is made. Maces also do damage to armor every time the armor absorbs damage. The amount of damage done to armor is half that of the damage points absorbed by the armor and typically lies in the 1 - 7 points range.

The most popular mace weapons are:

  • Q-staff; is the fastest mace weapon and has the highest dot (damage over time).

Quarter staff.gif

  • War Axe; a little slower and weaker than the Q-staff but can be used with a shield.

War axe.gif

  • War Hammer; a bit slow, however is the hardest hitting mace weapon.

War hammer.gif