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Veterinary (taken from the Second Age Play Guide printed in 1998, slightly modified)

Double click on a bandage, then click on the animal to be healed. This skill works just like Healing, except on animals. Animal Lore effects how much damage you can heal. With 60+ Veterinary and Animal Lore you can cure animals of poison.

Automating Veterinary

Using Razor there are at least two methods you may use to automate this skill

Method 1

Tame two animals and have them fight each other, and write the macro to heal one and then the other, back and forth. You can use either the "(pet name) kill" command, on both of them, or the provoke skill to provoke one against the other

Method 2

This requires the use of two logged in characters, and one with a decent magery skill. You may have up to three accounts on UOT2A, so it can be done by one user.

1. Tame the animal, a gorilla is a good choice as it only requires a taming skill of 5 to tame, and can be transferred via the "(pet name) transfer" command to almost anyone, regardless of their taming skill.

2. Transfer the animal to the person who will be attacking it.

3. Have the pet owner say "All guard me" this will make the animal grey colored, and thus you will not become a criminal for attacking it.

4. Have the pet owner switch to war mode and double click the animal. That Character will continue to attack to animal, and the animal will attack him

5. Have another character cast the invisibility spell on your character attacking the animal. They will hit the animal while invisible and become visible again, but the animal will now stop attacking that character.

6. Have the character with Veterinary heal the animal while it is being attacked by the other character, and loop the macro

After several real time hours, the animal will become wild and start attacking the attacking character, so you will need to check back periodically to feed it. With both of these methods, attention must be paid to the fact that the animal has it's own Tactics skill and will eventually hit harder than it did when it was freshly tamed. If you have a Veterinary character with a low veterinary skill, and prone to more failures than one with a higher skill, it's possible one animal could kill the other (with Method 1) or the attacker once it goes wild with method 2.