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Mining is used to gather ingots which can be used by the skills Blacksmithy and Tinkering. Mining is performed by using a shovel or a pickaxe on a rocky or mountainous terrain. It also widens the "dig radius" of a shovel when digging for treasure chests on decoded treasure maps.

Ingots iron.gif


Ingots valorite.gif


Ore to Ingot Conversion

Ore         	        Weight    	Ingots Produced upon Successful Smelt
Two small piles	2 * 2 stones	1 ingot
One medium pile	7 stones	1 ingot
One large pile	        12 stones	2 ingots

Colored Ore and Ingots

Ore & Ingots	Minimum Skill	Spawns            
Iron        	-              	50%
Dull Copper	65             	11.2%
Shadow   	70            	9.8%
Copper  	75            	8.4%
Bronze   	80            	7.0%
Golden   	85             	5.6%
Agapite  	90            	4.2%
Verite     	95            	2.8%
Valorite  	99            	1.4%
               ^{base skill}

Mining issues:

  • Valorite Ore is hardest to find, Iron Ore the easiest. A miner with a high mining skill is more likely to find a colored ore vein than less skilled miner.
  • Once a miner discovers a vein of colored ore, that color ore will always spawn at that spot, no matter who goes to dig there.
  • When a miner reaches the minimum required mining skill and is mining a colored ore vein he has a 50% chance of actually digging up the colored ore.
  • Over all a miner digs the same amount of ore on all spots, he only gets more or less colored ore depending on his skill.
  • Mining colored ore seems to improve skill a little faster than normal iron ore.
  • Smelting colored ore into ingots improves mining skill much faster than doing normal iron ore.
  • A brand new shovel will yield 51 pieces of Ore before it breaks.

Smithing issues:

  • A smith cannot use the colored ingots unless he has the required skill for that color, meaning your base Blacksmithy skill must be enough according to the mining table above
  • Smelting, whether ore into ingots or armor/weapons into ingots uses your Mining skill, not your Blacksmithing skill, you cannot smelt items if your base Mining is less than required to mine the ore
  • If a smith has the minimum skill requirement for a color, the success on smithing seems the same, even on exceptional quality plate chests.
  • Only metal armour and shields can be made in color, not weapons.
  • Smithing colors advances your smithing skill at a normal rate.

Other resource gathering skills include Fishing and Lumberjacking