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  • The act of hiding will make you invisible to other players.
  • Shoving through someone who is hidden will give a message 'You shove something invisible aside'.
  • If you speak while you are hidden you reveal yourself.
  • Players who take items from their own corpse while hiding will not be revealed. Looting other corpses, including monsters and NPC's, while hidden will reveal the hider though.
  • Hiding is not possible when the hider is within a certain distance of any creature who is attacking them, however if the attacker stops attacking then hiding is possible. This is how teleport hiding operates (see below).
  • Hiding is not possible when casting a spell.
  • Better hiders only have to run a small distance before they are able to hide again after breaking off combat.
  • The following skills will not unhide you when they are used: Alchemy, Anatomy, Animal Lore, Arms Lore, Detecting Hidden, Evaluate Intelligence, Forensic Evaluation, Item Identification, Lockpicking, Mining, Poisoning, Snooping, Stealth.
  • You must have at least 80 hiding and be hidden before you can use Stealth.
  • A hider can cast teleport and hide instantly in the middle of a battle field, this is because in T2A era Ultima Online teleporting would stop an attacker from attacking until they reattacked.
  • Unlike the invisibility spell, hiding, if successful, will last indefinitely until you are revealed (by a reveal spell, or the detect hidden skill) or you take an action (see above) which unhides you.

Gaining Hiding

You can macro hiding from 0-100 with the same method, set up a Razor macro as followed:

  • Use Skill: Hiding
  • Pause: 10000 (10.00 seconds)

Loop it.

As Hiding will always work inside a house you own, you can not gain in skill by using it in said house.


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