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Skillsbutton.png - Fishing
Profession Fisher
Skillgem.png Active No
Stat Bonus %
Usage Delay 10s
Required Tools Fishing Pole

Fishing is a gathering skill that allows you to fish fishes, magical fishes, level 1 treasure maps and messages in a bottle. Furthermore you can fish for treasures and other items from shipwrecks, once you got the message out of a bottle and are located at the right spot. Unlike other tools, fishing poles do not wear out and disappear after a certain number of uses.

Fishable items

Boots.gif Footwear: The beginning fisherman will find this item on his hook most of the times, but even the Grandmaster may pull up the occasional boot. Skill: 0

Fish green.gif fish: Normal fish you usually get when fishing. They yield 4 fish steaks each when cut with a knife. Skill: 0

prized fish: Adds a temporary +5 to your Intelligence when eaten (no cooking needed). Skill: 0

wondrous fish: Adds a temporary +5 to your Dexterity when eaten. Skill: 0

truly rare fish: Adds a temporary +5 to your Strength when eaten. Skill: 0

highly peculiar fish: Restores 10 points of stamina when eaten. Skill: 0

Map.gif a tattered treasure map: A level 1 treasure map. Same as the treasure maps you get off monsters. Skill: 90

message in a bottle: When used it extracts a waterstained SOS from the bottle. Skill: 100

Misc items to recover from shipwrecks.


A fisher on a large Dragon Ship, fishing in deep sea.
  • The higher your skill the higher your chance of catching something more valuable than a normal fish. The skills mentioned above are minimum skills needed to fish up the corresponding item.
  • Tests show that a Grandmaster Fisherman pulls up an SOS message in a bottle about once per hour. To reach that he has to fish non-stop, which means he has to cast about 280 times per hour.
  • When fishing in "deep water" (which means you must be at least 14 tiles away from all land) there is a chance a sea-serpent pops up if you are fishing with 80+ skill and you fail.
  • Other resource gathering skills include Mining and Lumberjacking
  • Fishing is a great accompaniment to the skill Cooking
  • You don't need to be fisherman to fish up the treasure from a message in a Bottle
  • The max fishing skill you can obtain fishing from land is 93.2. To get your fishing skill past this you will need to fish from boats in deep water (out of sight of land)

A few notes on boats

  • Always keep at least 2 copies of your key in your bank
  • Always put your key inside the ship hold. This way if you die, nobody can loot your key off your body, and therefore getting your boat
  • Always stand in the middle of the boat. Monsters can't reach you that way to melee, and monsters can't cast spells until they melee you first
  • Use a sextant and maps! Always keep a sextant on you and one in your hold. A clock and spyglass are also nice. (Hint: Maybe start with 1 point of skill in Cartography. That way, you get a newbie sextant, that will stay with your ghost when you die. )
  • Torches never decay or burn out of left on the deck of a ship. Placing a few all over your ship makes your ship glow at night and looks nice

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