Arms Lore

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A skill used to check the quality and condition of weapons and armour. Items predominately crafted by Blacksmithy, yet Bowcraft and Fletching and Carpentry have a number of wooden weapons that can also be checked, yet wooden weapons can not be repaired.

Condition Responses

Skill Response                                             	Condition
"It looks unused."                                      	100%
"It looks almost new."                                        	90%
"It looks fairly new, with just a few nicks and scratches."	80%
"It looks to be in fairly good condition."                 	70%
"It looks to have suffered some wear and tear."              	60%
"It looks like it has been well-used."                        	50%
"It looks rather battered."                             	40%
"It looks somewhat badly damaged."                         	30%
"It looks rather flimsy and not at all trustworthy."          	20%
"It looks like it is about to fall apart."                    	10%

Armor / Shields

Important: The numbers listed under the Armour Rating column represent the combat-effective AR of a particular piece of armour or shield, and will not match the figure displayed in your character's status window. For an explanation of the difference between actual AR and displayed average AR, please look to the Armour section.

Skill Response                                        Armour Rating
"Offers no defense against attackers."           	 0
"Provides almost no protection."                       1-5
"Provides very little protection."              	 6-10
"Offers some protection against blows."                11-15
"Serves as a sturdy protection."                       16-20
"Is a superior defense against attack."           	 21-25
"Offers excellent protection."                    	 26-30
"Is superbly crafted to provide maximum protection."	 31+


Important: The numerical data presented below represents the weapons average damage, that is, its minimum and maximum damage added together and then divided by 2.

Skill Response                                       	Average Damage
"Might scratch your opponent slightly."           	0-2
"Would do minimal damage."                      	3-5
"Would do some damage."                          	6-10
"Would probably hurt your opponent a fair amount."	11-15
"Would inflict quite a lot of damage and pain."       	16-20
"Would be a superior weapon."                    	21-25
"Would be extraordinarily deadly."                    	26+

Macroing Arms Lore

Use this simple Razor macro to GM your skill. All you need to do is loop using arms lore on any valid target type (weapon or armor)

!Loop Assistant.Macros.UseSkillAction|4 Assistant.Macros.WaitForTargetAction|30 Assistant.Macros.AbsoluteTargetAction|0|0|1078058556|154|95|0|3922 Assistant.Macros.PauseAction|00:00:10