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Tracking (taken from the Second Age Play Guide printed in 1998, slightly modified)

Use the skill. You will be given a choice of tracking animals, monsters, or humans. Click on your choice. If successful you will be told in which direction the target is in. Keep in mind it locates targets regardless of if they actually walked there. If your target recalled to a spot near you, you will be able to locate their general location. It can also track hidden or invisible characters, but can not make them visible. You will be able to track them to screen where they are standing, but will need to use the detect hidden or reveal spell to see them.

Macroing Tracking

Set a macro to use the Tracking skill and then to select the sub-menu (animal, monster, or human). Next cancel the menu. Your Razor macro should appear as followed:

Use Skill Tracking
Close Menu
Pause 11000 (11 seconds)

This method will take you from 0 to 100. A Grandmaster Tracker can track about five screens in any direction. Tracking can be used while hidden.

NOTE: There is a cap on how many things you can track, which will effectively reduce your range if it does happen (can reduce your range to 1 screen in some cases).