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Snooping (taken from the Second Age Play Guide printed in 1998, slightly modified)

This skill is checked automatically whenever you try to open another character's backpack. Snooping just allows you to see what someone else is carrying. Stealing skill is required to actually steal something. Although not actually illegal, other players tend to react unfavorable to snoops.

Macroing Snooping To macro snooping, find someone who's standing still such as a NPC (such as a one seeking assistance to travel to another destination say "i will take thee" and you have a idle character you can snoop), a friend, another player, your other character on another account, etc. Set a Razor macro to do the following:

Use Item (backpack)
Pause 1000 (1 second)


This method will take you from 0 to 100 skill. It is also another great way to raise your Dexterity stat.