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Skillsbutton.png - Stealth
Profession Rogue
Skillgem.png Active Yes
Stat Bonus %
Usage Delay 10s
Required Tools None

Stealth allows you to walk (not run) while hidden. You must already be hidden in order to use stealth and the minimum hiding skill is 80, before you may use the stealth skill. Thus stealth can't be chosen as a starting-skill. For every ten points of skill in stealth, you can walk one step without revealing yourself. However, you may become revealed by a failure to successfully stealth.

Unhiding and chance of success

  • Any action which normally unhides you still will.
  • If you run, you become unhidden.
  • Snooping while stealthed will unhide you. Re-hiding before snooping will avoid this.
  • If you step on someone else when you are in Stealth mode, you are revealed.
  • Crossing a server line will unhide you. (There are no serverlines on, yet.)
  • When stealthing near other people there is a chance you are detected. A check is made by comparing the stealthers Stealth skill and Dexterity versus the other persons Detect Hidden skill and Intelligence.
  • Location influences the chance of succes. In non guarded areas the skill raises faster.
  • Rumor: the more items you have in your backpack (or the more you weigh), the harder it is to use Stealth

Stealth and Armor

In general, the more Armor you wear, the harder it is to successfully use stealth. Also, since stealth is difficulty based, for optimal skill-gain you should wear armor-parts of a certain total armor rating. In newbie clothes you can work your skill up to sixty-five. The following list shows the AR for optimal gain:

AR for optimal gain
Skill-Level AR
0 to 60 up to 5
60 to 65 6
65 to 70 7
70 to 73 8
73 to 75 9
75 to 78 11
78 to 82 12
82 to 90 13
90 to 100 14
  • If you're finding stealth gains very slow past 96, add 1 AR for every 1.0 you advance. So for 96-97 15ar, 97-98 16ar etc.
  • For a more simple (but still pretty fast) way to GM, use a newbie robe from 0 to 85 skill, then switch to 16 AR from 85 to GM.

At GM level stealth, you can move while hidden as long as your AR is not above 18 (Stratics states 15 [1]).


  • A stealthed player can be tracked with the tracking skill.
  • You cannot stealth while riding a horse. You can mount it and stay hidden though.
  • If someone steps on you when you are in Stealth mode they receive a "You shove something invisible" message.

Macroing Stealth with Razor

Example 1

Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|to move unnoticed.
Assistant.Macros.IfAction|4|0|you must hide first

Example 2

If(SysMessage "quietly")
UseSkill Stealth
if(SysMessage "well")
UseSkill Stealth
UseSkill Hiding
End If
End If
Pause 10.00s