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Archery: Ranged combat ability that uses bows, crossbows and heavy crossbows. which can be crafted using Bowcraft and Fletching

Generally an underrated PvP combat skill. but when used as a secondary weapon it can be just the thing to finish off your oppenent thanks to Insta Hit. basically smack them with your melee weapon of choice, and when they run tap your arm bow/heavy x-bow hot key.

Heavy Crossbows are the strongest weapon in the game, they are also the slowest weapon in the game.

Macroing Archery

  • Blade Spirits - requires a house and a mage to cast BS into the a cornor of the house that has been boxed off. thus simply record a macro to cast a blade spirit in this corner after the duration of a blade spirit and on your archer set a target macro running. dont forget to have scavenger running also to save those fallen arrows.
  • Order Guard - This method is similar to above but requires a healer instead of a mage; thus simply box the order guard in your house and fire away! The Order Guard will heal him/herself.
  • Monster Spawn - This method requires only one account and knowledge of the UO world. Basically round up as many monsters are you can find and use the cliffs and ledges to separate them from yourself. When you are in a safe location and the monsters keep growling at you, run a target macro that: targets closest grey npc/attack target/wait for 7 seconds. You will need to keep an eye on this one for when its finished and that you haven't been PK'd...but it requires less attention than dungeon crawling so you can play another account at the same time.