Bowcraft and Fletching

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Firstly you will need some wood and a bladed object. You can buy the wood from NPC Tinkers and Carpenters or gather the wood yourself using the Lumberjacking skill. Any bladed item such as a dagger, butchers knife or skinning knife will work. Unlike other crafting skills where your tools wear out you can use the same blade your entire Bowcraft/Fletching career. Double click your blade and target your boards/logs. A new window will appear and you choose whether you'd like to create a Bow or Fletch some arrows. To fletch arrows, double click a stack of feathers and click on blank shafts, and select between arrows or bolts.

    Weapon Name  	Materials Needed  	Min. Skill Req.
    Bow 	        7 Wood 	                      30
    Crossbow 	        7 Wood 	                      60
    Heavy Crossbow 	10 Wood 		      80
    Item Name 	        Materials Needed 	Min. Skill Req.
    Arrow 	        1 Shaft + 1 Feather 	    --/40*
    Bolt 	        1 Shaft + 1 Feather 	    --/40*
    Shaft 	        1 Wood                      --/40*
    * A Bowyer/Fletcher may attempt to create arrows and bolts with a skill of 0 and have a 50% chance of success--a skill of 40
     provides a 100% success-rate when producing these items. (Shafts are significantly harder to produce at lower skill levels).

You can sell your creations to any NPC Bowyer/Fletcher, blacksmith, or weaponsmith. Bowyer's will give you more gold than the rest however. Unfortunately even NPCs don't want all of your trash. If you continue to sell the same items to the same NPC vendor they will offer you less and less gold for these items. To maximize your profits you will need to travel to new locations. Overall Bowcraft/Fletching is a reliable and easy source of income; not to mention quite safe.

Other Crafting skills include, Alchemy, Blacksmithy, Cooking and Carpentry