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Skillsbutton.png - Provocation
Profession Bard
Skillgem.png Active Yes
Stat Bonus %
DEX 4.5
INT 0.5
Usage Delay Success: 10s, Fail: 5s
Required Tools Instrument


Use the skill, click on your musical instrument (or the game will remember the last instrument you played), then click in turn on each of the creatures you wish to fight one another. Monsters and animals will fight for a time consistent with their natures and dispositions. Out of the summonable creatures, elementals and blade spirits may be provoked. The Energy Vortex, however, may neither be provoked against something, NOR have something provoked against it. Player characters cannot be provoked, either.

Macroing Provocation You can macro provocation by trapping 2 creatures so they cannot reach each other or yourself (and make sure they cannot use ranged attacks or spells.) One of the best places to raise provocation is inside any town stables.

It is also possible to travel to Britannia Royal Zoo at Moonglow and keep provoking a caged creature on you. That would prevent the creature from being killed or uncaged by some player.

Just provoke an animal from one pen to another animal next to it. Next, set a macro as follows (using Razor):

Use Skill: Provocation
Target Creature 1
Pause 500 (0.5 seconds)
Target Creature 2
Pause 10000 (10 seconds)


This method will take you from 0 to 100, be sure to check back from time to time to make sure your creatures are still present.

Success Formula:

% Chance to provoke = Music% * Provo%

Faster macro method

Just thought I would add this... Since the pause between attempts is less on failure you can modify the macro above with an if else conditional that checks for SysMessage "succeeds" to almost double the attempts this macro makes. It looks like this:

Double click instrument (double click an instrument and then convert it to target by type in Razor)
Pause 500 (0.5 seconds)
Use Skill: Provocation
Wait for Target
Target Creature 1
Wait for Target
Target Creature 2
Pause 500 (give the message a half a sec to show up)
If ( SysMessage "succeeds") 
Pause 10100
Pause 5100
End If