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While Weapon Skills, determine a players chance to hit a target, the parrying ability gives the player whg's been hit a second 'check' to determine whether or not they receive full damage.

Example: A player with GM Swordsmanship swings a halberd at a player with GM Fencing and GM Parrying wielding a kryss and a buckler. Since both players have GM weapon skills there is a 50 % chance the halberd will hit its target. After this first check is made, a second check is made that determines whether or not the hit is parried (some of the damage blocked). Thus, at 100 skill level in both weapon skill of the attacker and parry on the defender, there is a 25% chance of hitting the player for full (normal) damage.

Chance to Block an Attack with a Shield

FORMULA: % Chance of Blocking= Parrying Skill / 2

Parrying  Chance of Blocking
5         3%
25        13%
50        25%
75        38%
100       50%

The resulting damage received is determined by the type of Armor equipped.