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A blacksmith crafting and repairing weapons and armor at the public anvil and forge in Britain.

Crafting is an important aspect of Ultima Online Second Age, since various items aren't sold by NPCs - they can be crafted by players only. To craft anything in UO, you need the appropriate skill (and skill level), tools and resources. While tools can be bought from NPC tinkerers, they can also be crafted by player tinkerers. Resources can be bought from NPCs at pretty high prices, the more effective way is to buy them from players or to gather them yourself. Crafted items can of course be used by the crafter himself, be sold to NPCs, to players directly but also to players via a hired vendor.

Certain crafting skills are used for more than just crafting. These are Cartography for deciphering treasure maps and Fishing for recovering shipwrecks.

The following are all available crafting skills:

  • Alchemy: Various potions from reagents
  • Blacksmithy: Various weapons and armor from iron ingots
  • Bowcraft and Fletching: Arrows, Bows and Crossbows from wood (and feathers)
  • Carpentry: Furniture and House-Addons from wood
  • Cartography: Maps from empty maps
  • Cooking: Meals from fish, meat, grain, vegetables and fruits
  • Inscription: Spell-Scrolls from empty scrolls, and runebooks
  • Tailoring: Clothing from bolts of cloth and leather armor from hide.
  • Tinkering: Tools and traps from wood and iron

There are three skills related to resource gathering:

  • Mining ( iron ore / ingots )
  • Lumberjacking ( logs )
  • Fishing ( fish, magical fish, level 1 treasure maps, SOS-Bottles, several items recovered from shipwrecks )

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