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Insta Hit is short for Instant Hit which is the term to describe the procedure of casting a Magic Spell, equipping a weapon, letting the weapon hit, unequipping the weapon, and targeting with the casted spell.

History of the Insta Hit

Pre T2A weapon animations could actually be outrun. This means you could literally time to run away when someone was swinging a weapon at you. In T2A weapon hits would "instantly hit" eliminating the ability to dodge an attack. Weapons now have timers determining how fast one can swing a weapon. Bigger, more powerful weapons such as 2 Handed Weapons took longer to swing. This gave birth to a new fighting system. One which lower Dexterity characters, such as Mages, could utilize bigger weapons without waiting for a weapon timer to reload.

A technique developed that manipulated Insta Hit by cycling slower, heavier hitting weapons with faster ones or wrestling and, when these fast cycles were ready, re-arming the heavy weapon making them ready for the next swing.

After a swing the weapon timer would start. Even with the weapon unequipped the timer continues going. This allows characters to unequip the weapon and do other actions such as spell casting or drinking potions while they wait for their weapons to be ready. This gave birth to a new fighting style. Mages would focus on high Strength and Intelligence and take the minimum 25 Dexterity. Even with this low Dexterity, Mages could cast spells in between weapon hits with their large 2 Handed Weapons.

Often the weapon cycling manipulation technique and the actual mechanic that calculates damage first are interchangeably called "Insta-Hit". They are two different but related artifacts of T2A.

  • Note - the timer is factored against a set value (weapon speed) and one's stamina so the speed at which one swings will vary. Constantly unequiping and requipping a weapon will not make it hit instantly. The timer counts towards the last weapon you had equipped. If not timed correctly you could waste your Insta Hit by punching your opponent rather than your weapon going off. This will then reset your weapon timer according to the wrestling timer.