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Dexterity ("Dex") has a range from 1-100. The more dexterity a character has the faster it will swing its weapon. A character with dexterity of 25 for example will swing significantly slower than one with 100; the Insta Hit allows lower Dexterity characters to even the playing field. Dexterity also determines if you can run or move. Although having more Dexterity does not increase your rate of speed you can not move if your Stamina reaches zero.

The values displayed below indicate the delay, in seconds, between strikes (swings of your weapon). The lower the number, the faster the rate of attack. If your stamina drops during battle, so will your attack speed. Values are rounded to the nearest tenth of second. Speed of Attack (Second-Delay Between Strikes) FORMULA: Attack Speed= 15,000 ÷ ( [Stamina +100] x Weapon Speed )

How to Gain Dexterity

One gains Dexterity in many ways. It can be raised passively through the use of combat skills. The easiest way to gain Dexterity is through Snooping, Musicianship, and Herding. Most other skills will give gains to Dexterity but will yield more gains in Strength and Intelligence primarily.