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A bank-box, holding a stack of gold.

Gold, often abbreviated as GP for gold pieces, is the currency used to pay NPCs for their wares. Also it is the most common article of exchange in trades between players. ' The maximum size of a gold-stack is 60'000, like any other item's stack. To get the amount of gold stored in your bank-box, type balance while close enough to a banker.

The Bank

Most towns have a bank available for its visitors, Britain even two. The bank is where the players can store their valuables, while it doesn't matter in which bank they deposit their valuables: They're accessible from any bank, no matter where it is.

To the following commands the bankers or minters listen to:

  • balance or statement: The banker will tell you the amount of gold in your bankbox.
  • bank/banco/banque: The banker will open your bankbox for you.
  • withdraw [amount]: The banker will transfer the specified amount of gold from your bankbox to your backpack, if possible.

Acquiring gold

There are several ways of acquiring gold. This includes:

  • Killing monsters and/or players and loot the gold out of their corpses
  • Selling looted and/or crafted items to NPCs
  • Selling looted and/or crafted items to players (directly or per player vendor)
  • Selling pets or anything else of interest to players
  • Looting treasure chests in dungeons
  • Looting treasure chests found with the aid of a treasure map
  • Escort NPCs
  • Using the begging skill on NPCs
  • Stealing gold from players (and NPCs)
  • Using your begging skills on players

A guide on acquiring gold

If you started the game just now, gold might be a major problem, especially if you started with a character-type that requires a lot of gold to operate, e.g. a mage, who needs to buy a lot of reagents.

Thus, for the beginning, a character with lumberjacking and bowcrafting can provide you a good base of gold, in order to supply your other characters. There are plenty of trees around most villages you start in, just hack them with any kind of axe and use your dagger to craft bows from the gathered logs. Bows can be sold to NPC armorers, blacksmiths and bowcrafters.

While earning a good base of gold with your lumberjacker, you can parallely macro musicianship and provocation for another character. Start this character with 50 magery and 50 provocation and train the musicianship skill at an NPC (e.g. in the artists guild), before you start macroing. Once done raise your strength by macroing the herding skill, then your musicianship just by using your instrument, and once your musicianship is at 90, start macroing your provocation skill. With a provocation skill of 80 you can start visiting dungeons or any other spawn locations in order to provoke monsters and loot their remains. This bard will be your new main-source for gold.