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Skillsbutton.png - Herding
Profession Shepherd
Skillgem.png Active No
Stat Bonus %
STR 16
DEX 6.5
INT 2.5
Usage Delay None
Required Tools Shepherd's Crook

Herding allows you to direct an untamed animal to move to an appointed location. In order to herd an animal, double click your shepherd's crook, then click on the animal you wish to herd. If successful, you will be able to click on the location you want the animal to move to.

Herding is a popular skill for raising Strength and sometimes Intelligence. Other than that it is rarely used.

Gain Strength by using herding

The following is a simple guide on how to get Strength by macroing your herding skill.

  • Buy a shepherd's crook. Most armorers sell them.
  • Equip the shepherd's crook
  • Go to any stables with stalls, e.g. the stables in Lord British's castle.
  • Setup a simple macro, where you double click your crook and select your animal of choice to move to any location in its stall.

It will take a few hours only to raise your strength to the 100-points-maximum.