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  • __NOTOC__ [[Category:Full Protection|{{PAGENAME}}]] The full list of patch notes prior to and during T2A:
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  • ...qual to your intelligence again. The speed at which your mana goes back to full is called the regeneration rate. The regeneration rate varies depending on ...of 1 mana point regained every 7 seconds applies to characters dressed in full plate armor or characters with 0 intelligence and 0 meditation skill.
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  • ...n this which has resulted in a particular outfit giving unnaturally superb protection, so we are removing the modifiers. **It now takes full mana to use scrolls.
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  • *Fishing will now place the fish in the backpack. If the backpack is full, it simply won't even get the fish. ...ot use up a blank scroll nor reagents when it fails because your hands are full.
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  • *The "protection of Lord British's guards" will now read "town guards" in order to allay con *Guilds without abbreviations now show [none] instead of the full guild name, to reduce spam on screen.
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  • '''New Player Protection FAQ''' What is meant by "New Player Protection"?
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  • __NOTOC__ [[Category:Full Protection|{{PAGENAME}}]] [[Category:Site Information|{{PAGENAME}}]] To view the full list of patch notes prior to and during T2A, please follow these links:
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