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This ability requires Musicianship. Use of the skill will cause a target creature to reduce to its passive walking speed and move toward the player. Any creature can be targeted except the following:

  • Players
  • Guards that have been recently called
  • NPCs marked "(Invulnerable)" such as Bankers, Town Criers, Lord British

This skill is considered non-aggressive and does not affect notoriety.

Using the Skill

When used, this skill will present the player with a targeting cursor. The player then selects a target. If successfully enticed, the target creature will reduce to its normal walking speed and walk toward the player. After attempting to entice a creature, the player must wait 10 seconds before using another skill. The target creature will continue to follow the player until one of the following occurs:

  • The target creature is within 1 tile of the enticing player.
  • The enticing player is no longer within range for the creature to hear the music.
  • The target creature has been following the enticing player for 10 seconds.
  • Another player successfully entices the target creature.
  • The target creature is a tamed animal and its owner issues a command.

When the enticed creature loses interest, it continues what it was doing prior to being enticed.

Success Rates

The player's skill level determines the chance of successfully enticing the target. A skill level of 0.0% will have approximately a 99% failure rate, whereas Grandmaster will still have about a 1% failure rate.

Tips and Tricks

This skill may be used to effectively distract, or move a patrolling NPC/Animal/Monster from the item/location/person it is guarding.

You can use this skill repeatedly. Setup a Macro to Entice, Wait for Target, Last Target. Then pick a target and spam the macro. This renders Tamed-Pet commands virtually usless as the pet spasms out.

Alternatively, you can create a razor macro to Entice Last Target, but switching Targets using the Next Target command in uo. This will entice everything around you in rotation and is usfull if you want to draw the attention of monsters to yourself, or prevent a Tamer with 10 dragons from issuing commands. However, as you increase the number of monsters in this rotation, the effectiveness lessens.

This skill may be used to lure a monster around until another monster can be found, and then provoke the two. (requiring the provocation skill).

If you entice a creature attacking a target, and keep it enticed for two minutes until the battle timer runs out, then the creature is finally un-enticed it will select a new target. This does not prevent the old target from becoming the new target.