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Spells are used with the Magery skill. They can be obtained by killing certain monsters or by getting another player with the Inscription skill to make them for you. They come in the form of scrolls which can either be cast by double clicking or dragged and dropped into your spell book. You can cast spells either from a scroll or from your spellbook. If you cast a spell from your spellbook it uses a certain number of reagents every time you cast it. Casting from a scroll takes a lower level of Magery skill and uses only the scroll itself.

Each spell has two names. The first is represented by words of power which are displayed over your avatars head when the spell is cast. The second is in English and is generally descriptive of what a spell does.

There are 64 spells arranged into 8 Circles with 8 Spells in each. The higher the spells circle the harder it is to cast and require more Mana

Spells, their Circle and the formula

     I. First Circle
  1. Flam Sanct (Reactive Armour) 
  2. Uus Jux (Clumsy) 
  3. In Mani Ylem (Create Food) 
  4. Rel Wis (Feeblemind) 
  5. In Mani (Heal) 
  6. In Por Ylem (Magic Arrow) 
  7. In Lor (Nightsight) 
  8. Des Mani (Weaken) 
     II. Second Circle
  1. Ex Uus (Agility) 
  2. Uus Wis (Cunning) 
  3. An Nox (Cure) 
  4. An Mani (Harm) 
  5. In Jux (Magic Trap) 
  6. An Jux (Magic Untrap) 
  7. Uus Sanct (Protection) 
  8. Uus Mani (Strength)
     III. Third Circle
  1. Rel Sanct (Bless) 
  2. Vas Flam (Fireball) 
  3. An Por (Magic Lock) 
  4. In Nox (Poison)
  5. Ort Por Ylem (Telekinesis)
  6. Rel Por (Teleport) 
  7. Ex Por (Unlock)
  8. In Sanct Ylem (Wall of Stone) 
     IV. Fourth Circle
  1. Vas An Nox (Arch Cure) 
  2. Vas Uus Sanct (Arch Protection) 
  3. Des Sanct (Curse) 
  4. In Flam Grav (Fire Field)
  5. In Vas Mani (Greater Heal) 
  6. Por Ort Grav (Lightning) 
  7. Ort Rel (Mana Drain)
  8. Kal Ort Por (Recall) 
     V. (5) Fifth Circle.
  1. In Jux Hur Ylem (Blade Spirits) 
  2. An Grav (Dispel Field) 
  3. Kal In Ex (Incognito)
  4. In Jux Sanct (Magic Reflection) 
  5. Por Corp Wis (Mind Blast) 
  6. An Ex Por (Paralyze) 
  7. In Nox Grav (Poison Field) 
  8. Kal Xen (Summon Creature) 
     VI (6) Sixth Circle.
  1. An Ort (Dispel)
  2. Corp Por (Energy Bolt) 
  3. Vas Ort Flam (Explosion)
  4. An Lor Xen (Invisibility) 
  5. Kal Por Ylem (Mark) 
  6. Vas Des Sanct (Mass Curse) 
  7. In Ex Grav (Paralyze Field)
  8. Wis Quas (Reveal) 
     VII. (7) Seventh Circle.
  1. Vas Ort Grav (Chain Lightning) 
  2. In Sanct Grav (Energy Field) 
  3. Kal Vas Flam (Flamestrike) 
  4. Vas Rel Por (Gate Travel) 
  5. Ort Sanct (Mana Vampire) 
  6. Vas An Ort (Mass Dispel)  
  7. Flam Kal Des Ylem (Meteor Swarm) 
  8. Vas Ylem Rel (Polymorph)
     VIII. (8) Eighth Circle.
  1. In Vas Por (Earthquake) 
  2. Vas Corp Por (Energy Vortex) 
  3. An Corp (Resurrection) 
  4. Kal Vas Xen Hur (Summon Air Elemental) 
  5. Kal Vas Xen Corp (Summon Daemon) 
  6. Kal Vas Xen Ylem (Summon Earth Elemental) 
  7. Kal Vas Xen Flam (Summon Fire Elemental) 
  8. Kal Vas Xen An Flam (Summon Water Elemental)