Trophy Turn-in System

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Trophy Turn In System

Trophy Values

1 point: Any regular CTF, Double Domination Trophy (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper)
2 points: CTF, Double Dom First place leader Bust trophy or regular Gold Tourney Trophy
5 points: Any special PvM event (town invasion etc.) or Non-(Gold,Silver,Bronze,Copper) Hued trophy
10 points: Any Valorite Hued Trophy

Note: The "points" listed on the actual trophy is just how many points you scored in that game, it is not connected to how many points the trophy is actually worth for the Trade-in System. They may be redeemed by bearer, regardless of the name on them. Contact a staff member via page or IRC to redeem your trophies for a reward.

Trophies may be turned into silver at any tournament master npc, located in Jhelom, Britain, and Bucaneer's den (as well as inside event locations).

These items are not blessed.


10 Point Rewards

Hue your favorite gold event trophy to any standard ore colour but Valorite

25 Point Rewards

Level one rare from list
Hue any trophy to Valorite

50 Point Rewards

Fireworks Wand
Hair Restyle Coupon
Beard Growth & Sculpting Cream
Fletchers Tools
Tinkers Toolbox
choice of one Ranger Armour piece
Small House plant
Name Change Deed
Level 2 rare

75 Point Rewards

Potted Tree
Your choice of one Daemon Bone armour piece
Level 3 Rare

100 Point Rewards

Brown Bear Rug
Special Hair Dye
Special Beard Dye
Mini-Monster Statuette (makes sounds)
Singing Crystal Ball
Your choice of one Pheonix Armour piece
20 Charge Special Dye Tub

150 Point Rewards

Clothing Bless Deed
Black Hued Dye Tub (unlimited, re-dyeable)
10 Charge Furniture Dye Tub
Marble Table Piece

200 Point Rewards

True Black Sandals (or any other special dye tub color)
Hued Tribal/Orc/Animal Mask (Special Tub hues only)
Hearth of Home Fire Deed
Full (or partially full) Bookcase

500 Point Rewards

Unique Rare (Choices will be presented to those who qualify)


Here are the rares, more may be added. The categories may not a indicator of the rarity of these items. Most (but not all) of these items are obtainable in game. Please do not ask if, where or how often they may be found.

Level 1 Rares

Bloody Bandage
Bottles of Liquor
Bottles of Wine
Ceramic Mug
Checkers (Red or Black)
Chessmen (White or Black)
Coconuts Split
Dried Herbs/Flowers
Jugs of Cider
Pile of shafts
Roll of Wire
Rusty Iron Key
Tall Candle

Level 2 Rares

Bowl of Soup/Stew
Broken Chair
Bucket (container)
Bucket of Water
Candlebra Stand
Colored Glass Bottle
Dirty Frypan
Dirty Small Round Pot
Empty Pewter Mug
Empty Jar
Empty Vials
Fruit Basket
Full Jars
Full Vials
Horse Dung
Pile of Arrows
Playing Cards
Skull Mug

Level 3 Rares:

Tarot Cards
Bone Container
Blood Tiles
Pot of wax (large)
Skull Candle
Sandstone Table Piece
Sheet Music
Bloody Water
Wig Stand