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Welcome to the Second Age Wiki dedicated to the era of the Second Age in UO, covering approximately three years (1997-2000). The information on this Wiki is based on the official game only. Its purpose is to shine light on the exact conditions of the Second Age. UO Second Age (free shard) does not contribute any new information as it attempts to emulate the information given in this Wiki. Feel free to browse for nostalgia or contribute what you know. If you would like to help us build the site, you can learn how to get started as an editor, read over the help files, or look through our guide to helping out.

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Patch Notes

To view the full list of patch notes prior to and during T2A, please follow these links:

Latest News

Patch 145 — Feb 2 2012: Vendors, Speech, House Placement

Patch 145: Feb 2 2012

  • You must be within 3 steps of an NPC vendor and have Line of Sight to converse with them, or buy and sell.
    • Previously the required distance varied between some vendors.
  • This does not apply to Bank, Stable, or Claim.
  • There is now a slight delay in response when talking to an NPC. This behavior was noted on OSI and has been replicated here.
  • Animal Trainers are invulnerable.
  • NPC vendors restock policy was slightly modified so that purchased goods, especially scrolls remain in stock longer.
  • The standard range for normal speech is now 9 (down from 15), Yell remains unchanged at 18 tiles.
  • Added check for steps borders in house placement, land adjacent to steps must be level.
    • This should prevent placing houses with steps that cannot be walked onto.
  • A speech throttle for spam was introduced. Very fast repeated text will cause you to be squelched for a short time.

Thanks to Batlin for uncovering the details on the speech ranges in this thread: Town Vendor Npc Command Range

Update Feb 29:

  • The speech throttle was eased quite a bit; should be less of an issue now when performing normal actions.
  • There was a bug found in the NPC delay effectively doubling (or more) their delay. This has been corrected.

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