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Many NPCs in the game offer training in various skills, using the command "<NPC name> train <skill>". The following is a list of those NPCs and the skills each one can teach.

Skill NPC Trainer/s
Alchemy Alchemist
Anatomy Healer, Wandering Healer
Animal Lore Animal Trainer
Animal Taming Animal Trainer
Archery Ranger
Arms Lore Blacksmith Guildmaster
Begging Beggar
Blacksmithy Armourer, Blacksmith
Bowcraft/Fletching Bowyer
Camping Ranger, Shepherd
Carpentry Carpenter
Cartography Mapmaker
Cooking Cook
Detecting Hidden Ranger, Thief*
Enticement Bard
Evaluating Intelligence Mage Guildmaster
Fencing Mage Guildmaster, Thief, Warrior
Fishing Fisher
Forensic Evaluation Healer
Healing Healer
Herding Shepherd
Hiding Thief
Inscription Mage
Item Identification Jeweller
Lockpicking Thief
Lumberjacking Carpenter**
Mace Fighting Mage, Warrior
Magery Mage
Meditation Mage
Mining Miner
Musicianship Bard
Parrying Butcher, Mage Guildmaster, Thief, Warrior
Peacemaking Bard
Poisoning Thief
Provocation Bard
Remove Trap Thief
Resisting Spells Mage Guildmaster
Snooping Thief
Spirit Speak Healer, Wandering Healer
Stealing Thief
Stealth Thief
Swordsmanship Mage Guildmaster, Thief, Warrior
Tactics Butcher, Mage Guildmaster, Ranger, Warrior
Tailoring Cobbler, Tailor, Weaver
Taste Identification Alchemist
Tinkering Tinker
Tracking Ranger
Veterinary Animal Trainer
Wrestling Mage Guildmaster, Warrior

  • The elusive Thieves' Guildmaster can often be found at the Blue Boar Inn located in Britain.
    • Currently not all carpenter NPCs can train you in this skill. The carpenter in Britain is the only one verified as being able to thus far.