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This article is about player owned vendors.

Placing vendors

In order to place a vendor you need to be at least friend of a house that is accessible to public. Also you need a contract of employment.

  • Tavernkeepers and Innkeepers sell a "contract of employment". This contract of employment costs about 1500 gp and can be turned into a Vendor later.
  • To create the Vendor, take the contract inside a 'public' building you own (or are a friend of), and use it (double-click).
  • The Vendor will be created at the exact spot you are standing when you double-click the contract of employment.
  • The Vendor will be created with a random name and gender. All Vendors wear the same clothes, which may differ only in color.
  • A Vendor cannot be moved once it is placed.
  • Only the placer of the Vendor can be the owner. You cannot share a Vendor with friends.
  • Vendors will only be eligible to remain in the house if you are the owner or a friend, and will pack up automatically if their owner visits them and is not a friend.
  • A Vendor responds to several Vendor Commands.
  • Currently a maximum of 100 vendors per house is allowed.


  • To maintain a Vendor you will have to pay it.
  • The maintenance fee for a Vendor starts with 20 to 24 gp per UO day. There are 12 UO days in one real day. The minimum fee per real day is therefor 240 to 288 gp.
  • The more items you have for sale on your Vendor, the higher the maintenance fee will be.
  • The first 500 gp worth that you have for sale are covered by the base fee the Vendor charges.
  • For each additional 500 gp worth of merchandise the Vendor will charge 1 gp maintenance fee per UO day. (Example: With a base fee of 20 gp and 5500 gp of merhcandise for sale the Vendor will charge 20 + ((5500-500)/500) = 30 gp per UO day).
  • To pay your vendor simply drop your gold on him/her.
  • Use the command vendorname status to see how much pay gold the vendor has on them and how much longer they will work.
  • If your vendor runs out of pay, they will drop the merchandise they have, where they are standing and disappear, which will be freely lootable by all.

Offering items on your vendor

  • A Vendor's backpack has a 125 item limit, and no weight limit. However, an item (or stack) for sale has a 400 stone weight limit.
  • To offer an item for sale just drop it into the opened backpack of the Vendor. The Vendor will then ask for a price and description. You then have several options:
    • Enter only a price if you do not wish to add a description. Example: 1000
    • Enter a price and description, separated by a space or comma, to set both. Example: 1000, a wand of identification with 200 charges
    • Enter only a description if you want the system to set a default price. Example: a handcrafted stack of kindling
    • Press the ESC key to make the item 'not for sale'. (Note: only books, containers, key rings and items within a for-sale container can be made 'not for sale')

Note: If you are unable to put a price on items you drop in the backpack then it is best to replace the vendor with a fresh one by using the "replace" command. This will remove your old bugged vendor and give you a new vendor deed in your backpack. Make sure to empty the old vendors backpack and "collect" all gold first.

  • Regular items that you try to make 'not for sale' will be priced automatically by the system.
  • If you want to sell a set of items as one you should put all items in a container and then drop that container in the backpack of a Vendor and give it a price and description. The individual items in the container will be 'not for sale'.

Buying items from a vendor

  • To buy an item off a Vendor say "[name] buy", where [name] is the name of the Vendor. You will get a targeting cursor that allows you to select the item you wish to purchase.
  • After selecting an item to purchase from a Vendor, you will be given a message that tells you the item name and the cost associated with it. You can then either accept or cancel the transaction.
  • While the message is on your screen, the Vendor owner will not be able to move the item or change its price. The message will time-out in 60 seconds.