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A melee combat Weapon Skill, that uses weapons that consist of a "piercing/jabbing" action.

The damage for most fencing weapons is calculated predominately with few dice where as Swordsmanship is predominately calculated with more dice (2-3). Thus fencing has a more varied damage distribution.

  • Pros:

-The weapons can be poisoned.

-Has the fastest and highest DOT (damage over time) 2-handed weapon (Short Spear).

  • Cons"

-No stamina drain bonus attack that Mace Fighting has.

-Not the hardest hitting weapon class.

Popular Weapons:

  • Short Spear: The fastest hitting 2-h weapon, also has the highest DOT for 2-handed weapon
  • Spear: A little slower than the short spear, yet has the potential to hit a little harder
  • Kryss: The fastest and highest DOT single handed fencing weapon.
  • War Fork: A fast and high damage single handed weapon

Training Fencing

You will need several daggers, recommend 100 dex. Hire a fighter NPC from Jhelom or somewhere else and fight them, healing them and yourself. Replace your broken dagger as needed. Repeat until GM.