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The art of killing in town and not getting killed yourself. In most cases an Innocent player (Name Highlights Blue) in a city (other than Buccaneer's Den) is able to call the guards after being attacked, which will result in the attackers instant death, however, there are a few ways to evade/circumvent the guards.


This method is like the Fibonacci sequence in that it is as easy as 1, 1, 2, 3. Using this method you will not get a murder count and if you're patient, you won't even turn gray.

  1. Find someone who is macroing or away from their computer who is also NOT macroing 'Guards' or is not in a guard zone (or IS macroing 'Gaurds', learn to spell people).
  2. Walk out of the guard zone (or into the wilderness) until you find a monster or, even better, several monsters.
  3. Let those monsters target and start chasing you.
  4. Walk back to target, monsters in hot pursuit.
  5. Find your target, and walk around the target so that the monsters have to pass through him or her in order to get to you.
  6. The monster(s) may now attack your victim (this works better if you can hide or become invisible, forcing the monsters to latch on to the next closest target). NPCs that are present usually will not call the guards unless they themselves are attacked.
  7. Loot corpse now or if you have patience, just wait until the body decays so you will not turn gray at all.
  8. Enjoy your loot.


This is similiar to method 1, but requires a poisonous creature

  1. . Tame a poisonous creature, such as a giant scorpion, or giant spider, or simply have them run after/follow you
  2. . Release the creature (all release command) the creature will attack the AFK Player.
  3. . If the creature scores a successful hit on the AFK Player and poisons them, the poison will keep draining their hit points until they are dead, whether they call the guards and the poisonous creatures are killed or not. A single hit is enough to kill.


This method requires no prior resources except a weapon and enough skill to actually physically kill your target.

  1. Make sure no NPC's are close enough to you to call guards. [usually get to the last tile and use an "all names" macro to double check your far enough away, for assurance I make sure NO NPC is within "all names" range]
  2. Attack the character that is AFK
  3. Kill the character as long as no NPC comes into screen or a non-NPC calls guards.


This method requires the use of the Gate Travel spell

  1. Open a Gate in town to an area outside of a town
  2. Throw 2 Explosion potions at the feet of the AFK character.
  3. Step through the gate, out of town, when the potions explode you will not be in town and can not be attacked by the guards
  4. Step through again and repeat steps 2 and 3 until the character is dead.