Sexy Smithy

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     Sexy Smithy was a well-known merchant who started out her shop on the Vesper Beach in a little small. She expanded her shops to DG Town, Britain, and the Yew gate.

     Sexy Smithy spent most of her time crafting, decorating houses, and helping new players. All of her vendors are long gone nowadays. She was always a chipper and helpful player until she decided to move on to other things.

     Rumors abound as to Sexy Smithy's supposed alternate identities. Some say she was Shasta McNasty...others say she was Matron de Winter all along. Many even claim that Sexy Smithy was really Lightshade masquerading as a female. No one really seems to know the truth, but the gossip is certainly entertaining for some.

Guilds: DG, Oof, S*C
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