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Remove Trap

  • This skill allows you to remove traps found on containers, as well as disarm other sorts of traps, such as ones found in dungeons.
  • When this skill is used it will bring up a targeting cursor. Then target the trap to be disarmed. Of course, you need to be able to see the trap to disarm it.
  • You cannot learn or use this skill until you have at least 50 base skill of Detecting Hidden. Because of this, you cannot select it as a starting skill.
  • If you fail at using the skill, there is a high chance the trap will go off, if you are lucky the trap will not go off and you will receive a message stating that you failed to remove the trap instead.
  • Different traps have different levels of difficulty.
  • Wearing gloves will make it harder to succeed. The heavier the gloves, the worse it is.

This skill can be learned from the Tinker Guildmaster.

Player Guide by Deja Vu

I recently got 100 remove trap skill and I would like to share with you all the way I got it. I make no claims that my way is the best or fastest.

First of all I want to clarify some thing. For most builds the remove trap skill is a redundant skill and most of what it can do can all so be done with the telekinesis spell.

What remove trap skill does that is not possible with the telekinesis spell is that it allows you to stay in stealth while popping open a chest. It is good on a character with stealth and lock picking skills.

Before you can learn the remove trap you need both 50 lock picking and 50 detect hidden.

once you have both lock picking and detect hidden at 50 real skill you can start learning the remove trap skill. If you would like to buy the skill any thief guild master can teach it to you. You should be able to buy the skill up to about 30ish skill. If you want to save a little bit of money here you could practice removing traps around town (most of these traps have vary low skill level and can be done with even .0 skill given a few tries)

Once you have 30ish skill this is the hardest part of the skill. The only real place to train up the skill is from the trapped chests up stairs in the main Brittan inn. these traps should be able to get you to the middle 40s skill levels. At a little better than 30 tinkering it is possible to make a dart trap but you will fail a lot and waste a ton of ingots/bolts.

Once you get about 46 skill it is now possible to use a 50 skill tinker to make traps for you to disarm. What I did was set up a razor macro that would trap a chest inside my house while my character with remove trap would continuously try to untrap the chest. I would set the tinker macro to try every 3 or so seconds so that he would get multiple attempts to to set the trap between each attempt to remove the trap. You can not set multiple traps on the same box at the same time so unless the trap is successfully removed you will not use any resources.

Once the remove trap skill is about the same as the tinkering skill you will need to raise your tinkering skill about 4-5 points to keep the remove trap skills gaining well. Once you got about 80 tinkering you can switch to explosion trap which will all so raise your tinkering as you raise your remove trap (all the way to GM) but tinkering will still not go up as fast as remove trap so it may require you to craft some lock picks/Heating stands between traps to keep up with the remove trap skill.

p.s. just wanted to add putting on plate gloves seems to make removing traps harder so it may be advisable to use them to limit the number of resources used to get GM remove trap.

feel free to ask questions if you have any or if I am unclear at any point.

(Above guide from Forum thread: