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Player versus Player combat (or PvP) is exactly what it says, combat between players in an online game. On the T2A shard PvP is fairly unrestricted compared to many other Ultima shards and games.

Flagging Rules

Before you PvP it is best to know about flagging. In Ultima the name above a character's head can have five colors.

  • Blue: Blue means your character is innocent and has committed no crime.
  • Grey: You can become grey either by looting a corpse with a blue name, healing or targeting a helpful spell on a grey (criminal) or red (murderer), or by attacking any blue character or creature. If you are grey anyone can attack you at any time without repercussion. You can also be freely stolen from.
  • Red: In Ultima once you leave the protection of a guard zone you are freely attackable and freely stolen from regardless of your color. There is however a penalty for killing blue characters. When you kill a blue player, they are given the option to report you for murder and can add gold to the bounty on your head. Once you have 5 long-term murder counts your name will turn red and you will be known as a Murderer. Red characters will be attacked by guards if they go inside guard zones and are freely attackable and freely stolen from at all times. Red characters can also be subject to Stat Loss T2A Stat Loss Explained
  • Green and Orange: If you are in a guild with someone your name will show green to them and they will be able to attack you and steal from you with no penalty of interference from the guards. If you are in a guild which is warred with another guild, enemy guild members will show Orange and be freely attackable and stolen from. In order/chaos, opposing faction members will also show Orange.

PvP Equipment

There are various things that people carry on them when they want to pvp on second age. These include:

  • Trapped Pouches: Pouches can be bough from a provisioner NPC in any town. If you first cast the magic trap spell on one you can then double click it and the trap goes off and causes 1 hit points damage. This is used to escape the paralyse spell. The common method is to fill a bag with pouches, trap them all and then add the bag to razors Use Once Agent. This way you can set a hot key for Use Once and you have an escape paralyse key.
  • Potions: These are amongst the most useful pvp items its worth noting that its best to use Greater potions rather than normal or lesser. Greater Cure potions are used to negate the effects of poison and can be used over and over without delay. Greater Heal heals 20-30 damage and has a 10 second delay on reuse. Greater Strength and Agility temporarily add 20 points to Strength and Dexterity respectively. Total Refresh refills your stamina bar (which affects your weapon swing speed). Greater Explosions can be thrown at people and are good for killing runners, they take around 3.5 seconds to detonate so you are best to set them off then throw them at your target just before they explode (you can macro this in razor). Poison potions are useful in the field to re-poison weapons on the go but only if you have a poisoning skill.
  • Magic Wands: You can set a "use item in hand" key in razor and make dress macro's in razor to arm wands. There is no cast delay on wands so you can use them while running. Its worth noting that unless you have macing skill your defence will drop to 0 when you have a wand armed so anyone with a gm weapon skill will hit you with a 100% success rate.