NPC Guilds

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The following NPC Trade Guilds exist

Society of Thieves - Thieves

Warriors' Guild - Warriors, Weaponsmiths, Guards and Paladins

Guild of Arcane Arts - Mages and Alchemists

Society of Clothiers - Tailors and Weavers

Bardic Collegium - Bards

Order of Engineers - Tinkers

Guild of Healers - Healers

Maritime Guild - Mapmapers, Shipwrights, Fishers

Merchants' Guild - Merchants ,Provisioners, Jewelers, Innkeepers, Tavernkeepers

Mining Cooperative - Miners

Blacksmiths' Guild - Blacksmiths and Weaponsmiths

Society of Cooks and Chefs - Cooks

The requirements for entry to any of these guilds (in addition to not being a member of another trade guild) is 48 hours of in game time, and 500 gold paid to the guildmaster. To join a guild, find the appropriate guildmaster and say "<guildmaster name> join". He will then ask you for 500 gold if you meet the qualifications. Just drop the gold on him (the exact amount) to join.

The Thieves guild has an additional requirement of the character being 7 real days old, and have 60 base stealing skill before membership will be considered.

To quit a trade guild, you must spend at least 4 days (96 hours) of real game-play time in the guild, and must remain a member of the guild for a full week.

The primary benefit to joining a trade guild is a 10% discount on their members goods. For additional benefits of the Society of Thieves, see the Stealing skill.