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This page will allow you to create and edit macros, and bind them to a key or a series of keys to easily do thinks like open your bank box. There are several pre-made macros from the installation of Ultima Online. Browse through them, there a couple of useful ones like macros to navigate your boat at sea!

  • Add:Clicking this will bring up an empty screen to create a new macro.
  • Delete: This will allow you to delete the current macro you are viewing.
  • Previous and Next:These buttons will allow you to navigate through existing macros.
Crash course in creating a new macro
<p> Click add to get yourself a blank macro page. Click actions which will open a drop down list with several commands that you can you can bind. For example we will make a cast spell macro.

  1. Click and hold actions to open the drop down menu and put your cursor to the just to the bottom of the menu to scroll down to cast spell.
  2. Now to the right of that you will see clumsy. Click and hold clumsy to open this drop down menu, and scroll down again to greater heal.
  3. No go back to the pinkish box under "Keystroke". Click the box and you can enter whatever key you want to bind this macro to. For this example we will use the number 1.
  4. To the right of the keystroke box, you will see blue diamonds with ctrl, shift, and alt. Check the ALT diamond and then click apply, or Okay at the bottom of the macro screen to finish your macro. It is now ready for use! Now in gameplay you can press ALT+1 and it will automatically cast Greater Heal, if you have the spell in your spell book that is.

When making macros you can add up to 2 commands per macro. So under cast spell you will see another pinkish box. Click and hold to open the drop down menu. Select say. Now in the box to the right, type in "you cant kill me!". Now everytime you use your ALT+1 macro you will cast greater heal and say "you cant kill me!". This was just one example, there are many other options you can use, so just explore the drop down menus to see what all you can do!