Hell Hound

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As the name implies they are the hounds commonly found in fiery dungeons. They have a Hit point based fireball. At full strength they do around 15 points of damage. Individually they are not too much of a problem, but unfortunately they are never alone. Hell Hounds spawn in groups of 5-8 and attack as a single group. Attacking one of the Hounds will make the entire pack attack you. In this sense they can be very dangerous, as a group of fighters can quickly be overwhelmed as each warrior is taken down individually. (Note, ODR is based on fighting a single creature, not a pack.) Killing Tips: Concentrate your attacks on a single Hound, when he is dead, move on to another one. Groups should NOT allow each fighter to pick their own hound, but should all single out one to attack. This way their number will be reduced faster, and the person receiving the attack will not suffer as much damage.

One nice feature about these puppies is that they are great for raising your taming skill. Method of taming them is to beat them down till almost dead that way their fire ball does little to no damage.


Hythloth , Fire Dungeon


0-150 gp, 5 Sulphurous Ash, 1 Raw Ribs (carved)