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This page will allow you to change how you view the game.

  • Enable page flipping in full screen mode: Allows you to alt-tab when in full screen mode.
  • Use GDI in full screen mode:
  • Reduce display frame rate: An outdated option for slower computers.
  • Use full screen display: Runs the game in full screen. Covers start bar and header.
  • Full screen resolution: Sets the game resolution for full screen mode.
  • Game play window size: How big the game window is. You can also use razor to force the game window bigger.
  • Switch to 565 color mode: Does exactly that, though on newer video cards will cause crazy things to happen.
  • Adjust how long speech stays on screen: Sets how long in hundredth seconds the speech stays above players heads.
  • Scale speech duration based on length: Exactly that. Makes longer messages stay on screen longer, while shorter text at previous rate.
  • Enable frame skipping: Again an outdated for slower computers.
  • Speech color: This lets you change the color of your text as other players will view it.
  • Emote color: Changes the color of emotes. You can emote by typing ": winks" Or whatever you wish to emote.
  • Party message color: Changes the color of party message text.
  • Guild message color: Currently overridden by the color of individual players chat text color.
  • Ignore guild message: When checked, blocks all guild chat if your in a guild.
  • Alliance message color: Sets the text color from allied guild messages.
  • Ignore alliance messages: Blocks all alliance guild messages.
  • Dark nights: Makes night time almost completely dark when in the lands of sosaria. Doesnt affect dungeon lighting.
  • Colored lighting: Shows the different colors of lighting when checked.