Britain Sewers

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Britannia Dungeons entrances (click to enlarge)

The Britain Sewers can be found directly southeast of Britain Healers (the entrance is in guard zone. This leads to Hopper's Bog, a swamp in the Lost Lands.

It's a great place for a new character to train. Generally, a good procedure is thus:

  • Train thy combat skill upon a dummy, preferably one made of straw, until thy skill is 25.
  • Proceed to the Sewers and clean up the place. The low-level creatures that inhabit these wretched halls shall not give thee much trouble.


  • Have the spell, Teleport, handy - it can come in handy at various points in the Sewers.
  • Pets and mounts cannot go through the exit to the Lost Lands. Stable them before entry.
  • If you're new, stick to fighting on the bridges - that way, the rats cannot team up on you.