Ultima Online: The Second Age Patch Notes for 12/23/1998

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Ultima Online: The Second Age Patch Notes for 12/23/1998

These are unofficial patch notes from the release of Ultima Online: The Second Age. These patch notes were taken from the now defunct www.mengaxe.com web page. As such, the patch notes' formatting differs from their original formatting.

Holiday Gifts! Dec 23 1998 9:37AM

Holiday gifts -- Happy Holidays from the UO Team!

  • Using the holiday tickets
    • In your backpack is a ticket that has instructions on using it. A serial number is also on the ticket.
    • Someone on the shard will also have the ticket with the same serial number. Finding the person with the other half of the ticket with the matching serial number will allow access to the Christmas gifts.
    • To activate the ticket, double clicking the ticket will bring up a targeting cursor. Simply target the other ticket with the matching serial number. This will take a bit of trust on both players behalf, as one will need to hold both tickets in their pack.
    • Remember, the tickets only work for the person the ticket initially came with. So, stealing Christmas tickets will do you no good :)
    • Please do not page a GM about finding the player with the other half of the ticket. The Gamemasters have no method of tracking this, and we would like to leave this social activity with the players.
    • The ticket has a serial number. There are MANY duplicate serial numbers, so finding a match should not be hard.
    • Targeting a ticket that does not match in the serial number will result in a message saying sorry.
    • Targetting a ticket with a matching serial number will bring up a prize menu for the players whose tickets are matched.
    • Choosing a black dye tub will generate a black dye tub in your backpack, and delete the ticket.
    • Choosing a hairstyle deed will generate a hair style deed in your backpack, and delete the ticket.
      • When double-clicked, the deed will give a list of available hairstyles, including "bald".
      • Making a selection will change your hairstyle to the new sort, preserving hair color.
      • If you used to be bald then your hair will come out white.
    • Choosing ranger armor will generate a random piece of deep green studded leather armor with "ranger armor" appended to the name of the object, and delete the ticket.
    • Choosing a spyglass will generate a spyglass in the backpack, and delete the ticket.
    • Choosing a fireworks wand will generate a fireworks wand in the backpack and delete the ticket.
    • Choosing a holiday tree will generate a deed for a holiday tree in the backpack, and delete the ticket.
      • Double-clicking the deed will generate a Christmas tree.
      • Lights on the tree should blink on and off.
      • Double-clicking the foliage of the tree will collapse it back into a deed if you are the person who placed the tree. Otherwise, it does nothing.
      • The tree can only be placed in a house you have the owner of, or near it (like, at the distance vendors were allowed before)
    • Canceling the menu will still allow the other ticket holder to choose, but a message will appear notifying you that now you'll need to find another matching ticket.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Whenever a friend of the house uses the house sign, it will give them a message in the lower left corner, saying "Welcome back to the house, friend." This is because of confusion players had as to whether their alternate characters were friends or not.
    • The "vendor replace" command was tweaked so that when you replace the vendor, any gold you have not collected goes into your bank. If you are a murderer, it goes into your backpack.
    • The placement rules for houses were tweaked slightly so that the five tile "yard" in front and back is not quite as sensitive to small objects.